Santa Fe Gourmet Classic

A bike ride with a gastronomic twist

  2011 Ride


Another successful ride - some of the comments and photos from the 2011 ride:

"We had a blast and will for sure be there next year."

"It was perfectly organized, the food was great and everyone was even got the weather perfect.  We hope we can do the ride again next year.  Thank you very much for organizing this ride!" 

"You run a fantastic event!   What truly impressed us was the level of care you showed in keeping a close watch on us (and all riders) as we rode, even past the 5:00 hour.  I know it's non-competitive, but I didn't expect you (or your volunteers) to have so much patience.  The volunteers were really supportive with maintaining the rest areas and SAG car for us.  I could tell that you didn't want to lose track of a single rider, even if it took a lot of extra time. We went to Santa Fe and to New Mexico (first time in both) specifically for the ride and built a tiny vacation around it - no disappointments whatsoever!"

...and so on...

Here are some photos of the event (in reverse chronological order - i.e. start from page 7).



And here is the menu for 2011:

8:00am – 8:30am     Fuel up (PERA Building)

-     Petite croissant filled with scrambled egg, baby spinach and gruyere

-     Cinnamon raisin scones with apple butter

-     Greek yogurt, homemade granola and berry display

-     Fresh squeezed orange juice

-     Regular and decaf coffee with assorted teas

-     Water and Gatorade


10:00am – 11:00am    “Pick-me-up” Break (NM41 and NM42 - 26 miles)

-     Lemongrass coconut bars

-     Chilled spiced apple cider

-     Water and Gatorade


11:45am – 1:00pm   Lunch (Bonanza Creek Ranch – Studio Set 2 - 37 miles)

-      Grilled Ruby Trout with herbed butter, ancho peach salsa and 

       cilantro pesto

-      Grilled southwestern vegetables and crispy tofu (for the vegetarians)

-      Greens with peppered Strawberries, marcona almonds and Manchego, 

       red wine vinaigrette

-      Saffron rice

-      Grilled corn and black bean salad with sliced jalapenos

-      Espresso and red chili Pot du Creme with biscochito

-      Water and Gatorade


1:15pm – 2:15pm     “Sort of tired” Break (Petroglyphs parking - 49 miles)

-      Quaker apple cake with vanilla crème anglaise

-      Water and Gatorade


2:15pm – 3:30pm     “Yet another break” Break (Las Campanas - 59 miles)

-      Watermelon juice, cantaloupe juice and horchata

-      Water and Gatorade


3:30pm – 4:30pm        Unwind at the finish (PERA Building - 70 miles)

-      Spanish cheese board with crackers and dried fruits