Santa Fe Gourmet Classic

A bike ride with a gastronomic twist

  2010 Ride

Here are some of the comments and photos from the 2010 ride:

"The bike ride was fantastic and I wanted to thank the organizers and volunteers who made it happen. Everyone was very helpful and enthusiastic. It was a pleasure to see everyone's excitement on the day of the ride and I appreciated how much work and love went into the event. The food was also delicious and exceeded expectations. Definitely something I will look forward to in future years!"

"Thank you for an excellent ride and an even better lunch!  We loved the ride and are really looking forward to doing it again next year."

"Thanks for a great ride and feed today.  Timo and I had a wonderful time.  It was hard not to linger at each stop and keep eating.  They were all delicious.  My favorites were the grilled vegetables and trout.  Sitting in the shade on the porch eating lunch was a memorable experience."

"Thanks for making this a GREAT event!  Schedule permitting, we will definitely be back next year, and the next, and the next...."


And many more...




        This is what you missed if you didn't ride in 2010:

        8:00am – 8:30am        Fuel up (PERA Building)

        -     Toasted bagel with basil low fat cream cheese and smoked salmon

        -     Pumpkin scone with fig jam

        -     Yogurt, granola and fresh berries bowl

        -     Fresh squeeze orange juice

        -     Regular and decaf coffee with assorted teas

        -     Water and Gatorade


        10:00am – 11:00am    “Pick-me-up” Break (NM41 and NM42 - 26 miles)

        -      Pistachio and dried cherry granola bars

        -      Freshly squeezed lemonade

        -      Water and Gatorade


        11:45am – 1:00pm      Lunch (Bonanza Creek Ranch - 39 miles)

        -      Grilled boneless trout with sage

        -      Grilled vegetable platter with marinated tofu (for the vegetarians)

        -      Spring mix greens with tomato, jicama, and sherry vinaigrette

        -      Grilled corn and cilantro black bean salad with Chimayo chile

        -      Fresh Summer berry tart with raspberry coulis and fresh mint

        -      Water and Gatorade


        1:15pm – 2:15pm        “Sort of tired” Break (Petroglyphs parking - 49 miles)

        -      Green tea poached pear in Agave nectar

        -      Water and Gatorade


        2:15pm – 3:30pm        “Yet another break” Break (Las Campanas - 59 miles)

        -      Strawberry banana yogurt smoothie

        -      Water and Gatorade


        3:30pm – 4:30pm        Unwind at the finish (PERA Building - 70 miles)

        -      Artisanal cheese board with assorted crackers and breads